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Youth and Adult Training

 Learn to sail, while having fun in a safe environment on the water!

The Learn to Sail course is a combination of dry land instruction and water-based training. The course includes principles of sailing but also includes basic water safety. Everything from proper flotation devices to righting of capsized boats is included. 

All courses are held at the Cultus Lake Sailing Club (South end of Sunnyside Blvd). 

All courses follow CANSail guidelines.

All youth learn to sail programs include membership. Adult courses do not require club membership, however a discounted membership is available when joining within a month of taking a learn to sail course. There is also a member discount for both adult and youth courses.

For any other inquiries about training email

Online Registration is now available!

Follow this link to register

Children and Youth Learn to Sail

The Cultus Lake Sailing Club is offering 4 youth sailing programs this summer. Each week-long program runs 9:00 - 4:00 and children/youth have the opportunity to gain confidence on the water while learning the basics of sailing or honing their technical ad practical sailing skills. 

The courses include principles of sailing, with an emphasis on boat and water safety. Everything from proper flotation devices to righting of capsized boats is included. Sailors learn skills through games, activities, and fun times on the water. 

Although children will primarily be sailing the Optimist, they may also have the opportunity to sail our Kolibris and the Hobie Wave. Boats sailed will depend on the size and ability of the child as well as the wind conditions.

The Optimist, a very stable small boat with a single sail, is the perfect small boat for children ages 6 - 15 to learn to sail, increase their confidence, physical literacy and develop strong racing skill that will carry them onto other fleets as they age out of the Optimist. Initially they sail with one or 2 other children, and then soon be able to sail on their own.

We incorporate Sail Canada's "CANSail" standards into our own unique training programs. CANSail is an internationally recognized certification program which provides certification based for basic sailing levels through to competitive racing. Fun and safety are the key focus as sailors build a strong foundation of both technical and practical sailing skills. Sailors will learn to sail, building their independence, confidence as well as teamwork skills as they work towards Sail Canada's certification.

It is often recommended that sailors register for 2 weeks of lessons over the summer to achieve a CANSail level.

However, every child learns at their own pace and must meet all requirements of a CANSail level before they will be issued a certificate for that level.

What to bring to all courses:

Lunch, snacks, water, backpack or bag, hat, sunscreen, bathing suit, change of clothes, towel, closed toe shoes, jacket. 



Level 1 - 2                     Ages: 8 – 15 yr

Children/youth who are new to sailing or who would like more practice to feel comfortable. Children are introduced to sailing in an environment that focuses on fun and safety. Small, stable Optimist dinghies are primarily used for this course with 1 - 2 students per boat. The opportunity to sail other boats may also be provided. Topics include boating safety, steering, sail control and how to balance, sit and move in an Optimist dinghy. Additional activities may include arts and crafts, games and beach play.

Level 2 - 3                    Ages: 11 – 16 yr         Full

Children and youth who have taken a previous learn to sail program and who are comfortable sailing an Optimist dinghy. Sailors will gain confidence sailing an Optimist dinghy on their own. The opportunity to sail other boats may also be provided. The emphasis is on developing the sailor's skill in a variety of wind strengths, and racing techniques may be introduced.

Level 2 - 4                   Ages 12 - 19

For teens who have taken previous learn to sail programs. Sailors will gain confidence and skills sailing a variety of boats.

Course Dates:

July 8 - 12                                      Level 1 - 2

July 22 - 26                                    Level 1 - 2     


July 22 - 26                                    Level 2 - 4                                    

          August 12 - 16                               Level 2 - 3                                              

          August 19 - 23                               Level 1 - 2                            

If the course you wish to register for is full, please contact us at to be put on the waitlist. 

Other courses maybe scheduled at a later date.

Course Fees:

           Non-members:                          $380.00

           Members:                                   $342.00


Adult Learn to Sail

A introductory course is available for adults who wish to learn how to sail. This introductory weekend covers water safety, terminology, knots and basic sailing skills. At the end of the weekend you will be comfortable crewing a dinghy sail boat and depending on the wind conditions sailing on your own under the guidance of an instructor. Small classes means lots of 1 on 1 time. Join the Club after your course and get more time on the water.

Courses Schedule and Dates:

Schedule: Friday evening 7:00 to 9:00 p.m., Saturday and Sunday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Course Dates:

1) May 24 - May 26

2) June 14 - 16


3) July 12 - 14

Course Fees:

Non-Members:           $385.00

Members:                    $346.50

Members, please contact for the member code. 

Come sail with us, and
create lifelong friends in the process!

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